Saturday, August 19, 2006

How to develop in Delphi when you're blind

Marco has done it again. He posted a great blog entry on how he works with the whole IDE, especially the code editor itself, this time. It's amazing how he manages it and he even writes about the one thing that bothers me most: looking at your code in whole. Think about it, whenever you write code you do look at the directly lines above and below, even without thinking about it. And Marco simply does not have the slightest chance to do just that. He always has to know where he is and what his next "crime" will do to his code...

Read it, it's well worth the time and it will help you thinking about people who are not sighted when doing you own development.

Speaking of it... Hey Marco, how is the new design of my blog working for you?

Ah, before I forget, the link: How I work in Windows and the Delphi IDE


Anonymous Marco said...

Hi Daniel!

thank you for linking to my post!

Your new blog design works out just fine for me. The headers are still there, so I can jump quiclky from post to post, and the rest also looks nice and clean to me/JAWS.


3:54 PM  

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