Friday, September 29, 2006

Summary of the EKON X and EuroDevCon 2006 at Frankfurt/Germany

Well, sorry for being late with this entry, however, finally it comes to your screen and it brings you a few pictures I've taken during the EKON 10 in Frankfurt this week.

First off! It was a lot of fun and great to see all of you again this year. Be sure to drop me an email if you have been there and have visited one of my sessions at dwischnewski {at} gmail [dot] com. I'd love to know what you've liked, and what could'n should be improved. I actually got a few requests to do one of those sessions in English next time so I'll have to think about that.

But now, I just want to show some of the pictures and drop a few words here and there as apropriate ;-)

First I want to show you a few pictures I've taken during the technical keynote of the EKON. To bad I missed those other keynotes.

On this image you see the speakers of the panel, that actually did show some live coding during the keynote. On the left, you see Jon Harrison, who demoed "Peleton", the next version of JBuilder based upon the Eclipse framework. He did a small web service demo, which he designed using an UML diagram. This diagram he exported as XML file. He then "skyped" this file to Gerard van der Pol, who imported that into ECO and wrote the same web service using ECO and Delphi. Cool stuff!
To their right are David "DavidI" Intersimone and Nick Hodges. David talked a little about the road maps while Nick Hodges demoed Highlander (.NET 2.0) and (yeah!!!) NDataStore. It seems like DTG will resurrect NDataStore (and JDataStore with it). I dearly hope so, it would be a great feature to have.
The Panel of the sitting speakers during the technical keynote

And thank you Gerard for using my Community Welcome Page!
Gerard uses the Community Welcome Page!

Highlander and NDataStore

DavidI wore during most of the session his cool new Sushi Chef head band he got from one of the japanese employees of DTG. The symbols on it are bringing luck to the wearer.
DavidI and his head band

The keynote was directed by Jason Vokes, a great member of the European DTG group.
Jason Vokes

Masoud Kamali, the founder and managing director of the Software and Support Verlag, which held the EKON conference, was speaking a few words to the audience too.
Masoud Kamali

Hey Jeremy, this picture is just for you!
Jeremy North gets mention quiet prominently

Further they told us not to expect the Compact Framework support in the IDE with the release of Highlander, but some time after that. Probably as download for the registered users.

Next part I want to show some pictures is the CodeCamp. The CodeCamp session allows the attendees to ask specific questions to their problems to the speakers of the conference. There were different tables set up, each table with a specific topic.

However, before the CodeCamp actually started, the team of Masoud surprised him and the audience with a small party for the 10th anniversary of the EKON conference. So, they asked those attendees who have visited all ten EKON conferences to come upfront. All of those are invited for free the year, congratulations to them!
10 time visitors

They had a real big cake too. This one lasted for two days until it was either all finished or they simply thought the rest was to old to eat. Who knows ;) It was good but very, very sweet. I only had one piece which will last me quiet some time I guess.
10 year celebration cake

And here you see Daniel Wolf, administrator of the Delphi-PRAXiS and author and maker of some of the famous BDS/Turbo videos enjoying his beer at the CodeCamp.
Daniel Wolf

Now just some images from the EKON with no more words ;-)
DavidI and Me
Relaxing and talking...

Dynamic Action Menu Items on the Fly

At the CodeCamp session of the EKON a visitor of the conference came up to me asking me, how to populate a totaly empty action main menu with menus and sub menus. Most of you have seen the action manager components and used them, however usually only, or at least mostly using the visual tools of the IDE.

I guess we were sitting there about one or two hours (off and on) trying to solve their problem. We even asked quiet a few more conference attendees if they would know a solution to the problem. All in all, I guess, we were 8 people trying to figure that one out - to no success. So later, I wrote one of the people I really know they love the action components and asked for his advice and he basically wrote back, that even he does not know a solution to this problem. Btw, using various search engines didn't offer any success either.

Now, two days later, sitting in a session of Marco Cantù on Web 2.0 stuff, it hit me straight into the face. And the solution is actually rather simple. If you simply drop an action main menu on your form, you'll have to add a new action bar to your action manager and connect this with the menu. Now you can go ahead and add menu items to it. To create sub menus within a menu, you have to create a new TContainedAction and assign that to the menu item. Further, you have to set the caption of the TActionMenuItem separately. I have added a sample to Borlands CodeCentral for you to download. It does everything programatically and should be easily adaptable for your purposes.

CodeCentral: download for registered members (Delphi 2006 and C++Builder 2006)

Friday, September 08, 2006

Analyzing the Logs...

Well, the last days were tuff on my download server, I guess. I got around and finally wrote a small analyzer tool, which waded through the log files and counted all files together. It has dropped most canceled downloads and counted those done with a download manager only once. Well, following the numbers: 550 703 16 37
turbocpp.exe: 464
turbocpp_de.exe: 348
turbocpp_fr.exe: 11
turbocpp_jp.exe: 47
turbocsharp.exe: 232
turbocsharp_de.exe: 226
turbocsharp_fr.exe: 6
turbocsharp_jp.exe: 31
turbodelphi.exe: 766
turbodelphi_de.exe: 851
turbodelphi_fr.exe: 25
turbodelphi_jp.exe: 48
turbodelphi4net.exe: 200
turbodelphi4net_de.exe: 266
turbodelphi4net_fr.exe: 11
turbodelphi4net_jp.exe: 22
Total: 9720

This averages for a total traffic of 3.8 Terrabytes. Good that I don't have to pay the traffic ;-)

ISO Images online

Just wanted to let you know, that we finally have the ISO images of the Turbo products online, too. Further you'll find PDF files for printing CD labels.

The downloads have somewhat slowed down, so you should get good traffic again, without having to use BitTorrent or similar tools. ;-)

All Turbo Explorer Products

Want more than one Turbo on your PC?

Well, Andreas has done it again. He provided yet another tool for your PC. This one will allow you to install different Turbo Explorer products on your PC. Since he does not have Turbo Professional licenses he cannot test his product against those. Therefore try that on your own risk ;)

His blog entry and download

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Want to see the DP-Server image?

Well, I just had a laugh. Our administrator just published an image showing the server load. The lower spikes show the normal high life moments on the server, usually 70 to 100 users maximum within the last 5 minutes. Well guess when we started publishing the Turbo mirrors...

FYI: the Delphi-PRAXiS is the largest German language Delphi-Forum and hosts the information page for my download server (a different one!).

FYI 2: we expect to hit the 1 Terrabyte turbo traffic by noon tomorrow.

FYI 3: If you get a "service unavailable" message from our servers, try again later. It simply meens that the connection limit is reached.

Sorry for all who just got kicked

We have upped the band width from 90 MBit/s to 96 MBit/s, however, I have set the connection limit to 500 users. We just reached 900 concurrent connections, which left each downloader less than 10 KB/s. Now, each connection should get around 18KB/s. Still not much, but better than getting less and less each few minutes as numbers just started to sky-rocket.

Sorry to all who have to wait, but it is better once you get your slot ;)

Turbo ISO images

Well, we are getting ready to put the ISO images for the Turbo editions online. However, stay put as this will be finished some time tomorrow, I guess. Currently we leave the bandwidth to all you downloaders, so uploading the turbos (from Borland servers on fire) to our server will take a while longer ;-)

Server on Fire...

Well, the Turbos are in real demand. Our download server is scratching its limits. I had to limit the download bandwidth to 90% of the overall band width available, since we still have paying customers on the server ;-)

The front-end of the downloads, the Delphi-PRAXiS server is sweating and catching fire. Our administrator has put this new logo on the top bar.
Server on Fire - try again later ;-)

Also interesting, the list of users online today (at noon). It says: 7825 users visited today: 905 registered, 106 hidden, 6814 guests. 1757 uses in the last hour. Below a list of the registered users of the day....
Just an overwehlming list of visitors...

Last, but not least an image of the network traffic on our server :-o
90% steady, at 90MBit/s

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Turbo Editions are online

Well, just a few minutes ago, the Turbo editions of the Borland Developer Studio were officially available for download.

Demand was so huge, that some already figured out the correct links a few hours ago. But feel free to get them now.

For members of the Delphi-PRAXiS free downloads are available through one of our Frankfurt based servers.

Home Page:
Downloads: Official Download Sites

Monday, September 04, 2006

Turbo media seen "in the wild"

Today the DTG of Borland has a DevTrack show in Hamburg, Germany. What do you think they will have in the raffle? Right, Turbo products. And here for you real pictures (mobile phone cam) of the products... (click for larger version)

Turbo Product discs

Turbo Product Boxes

Sunday, September 03, 2006

WPF and .NET 3.0 with BDS 2006?

I just ran across one interesting post that shows how you can access WPF and other .NET 3.0 features using the BDS 2006.

Okay, it is an quiet easy sample, and question will be would you want to do larger ones this way, but it is possible.

Read the post on Bob's Delphi Stuff

Saturday, September 02, 2006

View your Pocket PC on your PC

Yesterday a friend of mine mentioned an interesting application to me, that mirrors your pocket pc screen live onto your desktop. This is a really interesting feature when you want to demo your application to a larger audience as you can simply use a beamer for showing the whole setup to your audience.

The tool is available for free from Microsoft.

Friday, September 01, 2006

Questions about the Turbos?

Well, if you are still not sure about the Turbos, what to expect, what you'll get, what you wont get, then you should read through the FAQ Borland has provided.

Read the FAQ!
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