Saturday, October 29, 2005

Jason Vokes 90 Minutes live on BDN Radio

Coming Wednesday, Jason Vokes will come online for 90 minutes on BDN Radio. This session will be held in English and is aimed at the German Delphi Community. Yet, you are welcome to drop by.

The BDN Chat Room will be opened as well, so you can ask question live and Jason will answer them. First, Jason will talk for about 30 minutes, then there is a 60 minute Q&A session. I hope to see, okay read, you there.

Date: Wednesday, November 2nd, 2005
Time: 3 pm - 4:30 pm CET
Where: BDN, links will be provided in time

Monday, October 24, 2005

Welcome Page on BDN Radio

Well, my part was first after the opening hour. I was excited and have I been scared to go online. Prior to my session I called Jeremy North, just to test my connection, as it has been slow/bad/interupted in the last days. It worked, and finally I heard the voice of the maker of my favorite Quality Central Tool: JED QC!

Anyway, back to the BDN Radio event. It has started pretty well and they really wanted me to go online. So I did. After a few seconds it became clear, I had to turn off the Media Player, as I heard myself three times at once, and every output at a different time.

After switching off the Media Player I heard myself twice, but there was nothing I could do about. So this really made it complicated to speak and at the same time to hear into what John, DavidI and Anders where saying. But I got through.

I hope it has helped you a litte and it still was fun - it was for me anyway.

Now John, how about moving my blog, you can mail me at my Borland email account, just look me up there!

default.aspx Problem solved in DeXter

Well, thanks to the BDN-Radio session I am allowed to speak about bugs that will be fixed in the DeXter release once it comes into your hands. Some of you may remember my post Teaching at BMW running into bugs, and yes, this bug seems to be fixed.

It was a problem, especially in actually understanding what happened there. However, my kind regards stretch out to the engineers that fixed it. Thanks so much, it will make giving classes much easier.

Imagine saying: Well, in IIS the default settings are looking for an "default.aspx" file in a directory. So, you should name your index page "default.aspx" as well, however, make sure that at least one letter of "default" is uppercase, as otherwise you'll run into a bug...

No, that is not good, the fix is mucher better and much appreciated!

Saturday, October 22, 2005

German Translation of Delphi

Dear Readers,

any of you out there, that are using any German Delphi edition, please help us out. If you have find any translation in the IDE, dialogs, help system, or any other place of Borland Delphi (especially Delphi 2005), please get in contact with me.

Either post a comment here or send me an email to dwischnewski {at} gmail [dot] com and let me know about the bugs/errors/etc.

Bugs sent to me by users so far (I'll update the list as we come along):
  • Code Generation: Typelibrary Import
  • Documentation: TFileStream.Create
  • Documentation: Pos
  • Documentation: RandomRange
  • Documentation: Sin
  • Documentation: StrToFloat
  • Documentation: Virtual Keycodes
  • IDE: Refactoring Shortcuts missing
  • IDE: Add to uses clause is messy
  • IDE: Applying Refactoring
  • IDE: Caption [running] translation
  • IDE: Version Information Dialog

I am looking for more known problems with the translation of Delphi dialogs and help files. Inform me, please.

Friday, October 14, 2005

24 Hours of DeXter :: come and join

I am sure, you've already seen Anders Blog entry 24: Jack Bauer gets an update... listing all those names you know or not know yet. Well we have one thing in common - we love Delphi and we do praise it on the next 24 hours of it. Starting 12am PDT on October 24th we will talk about it.

We'll talk about Delphi Win32 and .NET, C++Builder, and C#Builder. We'll let you know what the Borland team has been up to, what will come and why DeXter is going to be a real milestone for all of us.

I hope you'll join us.
I'll be there!

Monday, October 10, 2005

Borland Delphi 2006 announced

Borland has announced Borland Delphi 2006, Borland C++Builder 2006, and Borland C#Builder 2006 today.

To me, it seems as they announce each product separatly, however it all ships in one box. Each product announcement states that the other products are included in the box as well. So I am wondering, will we get three different box covers with the same content, or whichever product we choose to order, we get the same box - possibly saying something like Borland Developer Studio, or so. Remember, since C#Builder 1 (and Delphi 8) the installation directory is named BDS.

Well, a few more weeks for me to wait and see - when my Delphi box finally knocks on the door and says: rip me open, the inside is waiting for you!

Tuesday, October 04, 2005

DeXter and the Delphi roadmap

Today I'll just comment a little on the BDN Radio Talk "DeXter and the Delphi roadmap". I will not recite all things said, just give you a short overview of the imo most interessting things said in the VIP chat. For all information listen to the replay and read it all ;-) Further, do not miss DavidI's blog post with a good picture of the Delphi roadmap 2005-2008.

DeXter will bring us the
Together "live source" technology for all Delphi and C# applications. This means full round trip engineering; you can develop in the model, and you can develop in code basically at the same time. This is not yet available for C++ though, but probably will come in a later release.

Remote Debugging will come back in DeXter and basically be available in all personalities shipping with DeXter.

In the timeframe of 2007/2008 Borland will provide native 64-bit compilers for both C++Builder and Delphi. Now, while that is still some time ahead, at least we have it on the roadmap, finally.

While DeXter still targets .NET 1.1, Highlander probably will support .NET 2.0 only. So if you plan to develop for .NET 1.1 DeXter is your way to go. However, it may happen that both will come with Highlander. Further they will try, but do not promise yet, to give technology previews of the .NET 2.0 compiler to the community. Now, that's the way to go guys! :-)

Rave will ship with DeXter and be the reporting tool of your choice for both Win32 and .NET development. Cool, one tool for both targets.

So, while this is just a little overview of the chat, I hope it feeds your appetite on DeXter. It works for me!

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