Saturday, June 17, 2006

DTG/DevCo: Nick joined, Jens returns, Investor selected

Well, this have been some busy days and I did not have the time to comment on all those news that appeared on blogs around our planet.

But first: Congratulations to Nick, I am happy to see that you join the Developer Tools Group as Delphi Product Manager. As much as his person is debated, I think he is the (probably) best choice there is. He loves Delphi, he spreads Delphi, he uses Delphi, he develops Delphi, he is Delphi ;-)

Next: it is good to read that Jens-Ole Lauridsen is back and together with Steve Shaughnessy JDataStore and NDataStore will hopefully either come back or appear on the market. This would really fill in some market gaps there are for mobile in-process databases.

Last, but not least: Borland and the DTG have selected an investor. No more news at this point, but you can read it in a small fragment of a sentence in Allens blog:
OK, besides already having an investor selected and being a separate company...
... so, who is it!?

Or did he only mean to say, that this would be even better news...?

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

SqlCommand Parameters

Today I've lost quiet some time looking for an error in an assembly, which was loaded into the MS SQL Server 2005 as CLR user defined function.

When creating SQLCommands, I usually set something like SELECT * FROM [Table] WHERE [Field] = @Field as CommandText. Later in my code I declare the parameters I need like cmd.Parameters.Add('Field', SqlDbType.NChar);. Until today, I never had a problem using this approach. I knew, however, that I could have written cmd.Parameters.Add('@Field', SqlDbType.NChar); and it simply worked the same way. Since I didn't see any need to repeat that @, I didn't do it, ever (for sake of consistency). Until today...

Using C# 2.0, the first version works the same in any assembly, until(!) you load this assembly into the SQL Server 2005 and use it as CLR user defined function. Then it'll blow with a message saying: Incorrect syntax near 'Field'. At this point you'll need to include that @, when declaring the parameter.

I don't know why it behaves differently at this point, but I do know, that I'll include it from now on in any place it comes, until...

Monday, June 12, 2006

64 Bit - staying calm is better

Well, Borland has corrected the roadmap during this weekend and it seems that it was rushed out a little. John Kaster wrote in the public news groups that he assumed it was proofread before he published it. I guess he will not assume that again.

Now, Highlander itself will not include a native 64 Bit compiler, but 64 Bit .NET 2.0 support for WinForms and VCL.NET. Current plans are, for "DevCo" to release 64 Bit native compiler tech previews during the coming months after the Highlander release for registered Delphi users. Probably C++Builder users too, I'd say. ;-)

Anyway, 64 Bit is still of a little bit, but it will be coming. Hopefully, soon enough. Good for me, I can put of bying a 64 Bit computer a little longer, as I just upgraded mine to have a dual XEON processor board with HT on each CPU. Yet it is still 32 Bits and I couldn't play around with the 64 Bit features yet.

Friday, June 09, 2006

64 Bit - all hyped? - stay calm!

...for now, anyway. Some already are all ready to buy the next Delphi, codename "Highlander", because of the following quote:
In addition, 64 bit code generation will be added to the Delphi native code compliers to support native 64 bit development and debugging.

Now, most will remember that native 64 Bit was anounced for possibly 2008 and the graphic a little higher says so as well. What is the correct information now...?

You will now in about 24 hours, when the expected update of the article is online. For so long, stay calm ;-)

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