Monday, June 12, 2006

64 Bit - staying calm is better

Well, Borland has corrected the roadmap during this weekend and it seems that it was rushed out a little. John Kaster wrote in the public news groups that he assumed it was proofread before he published it. I guess he will not assume that again.

Now, Highlander itself will not include a native 64 Bit compiler, but 64 Bit .NET 2.0 support for WinForms and VCL.NET. Current plans are, for "DevCo" to release 64 Bit native compiler tech previews during the coming months after the Highlander release for registered Delphi users. Probably C++Builder users too, I'd say. ;-)

Anyway, 64 Bit is still of a little bit, but it will be coming. Hopefully, soon enough. Good for me, I can put of bying a 64 Bit computer a little longer, as I just upgraded mine to have a dual XEON processor board with HT on each CPU. Yet it is still 32 Bits and I couldn't play around with the 64 Bit features yet.


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