Monday, May 22, 2006

AdSense is working!

Wow, last Thursday, my Google-AdSense-Account just grew over 100 USD in one day. Since my blog definitly is not generating much, not that this realy does matter, 100 USD do make an impact. How did this come?

Well, did you note AdSense-Ad below the AdSense-generated-Ads. Someone signed up for it on December, 2nd last year. Only one person has done so, since I have that button on my page and just has hit the 100 USD mark with his ad-clicks. And for those first 100 USD he earned, I got my commision last Thursday.

Cooooool :) Thank you, whereever and whoever you are!


Blogger Dave said...

Hmmm... I signed up for AdSense last year but never got around to incorporating it into my blog (my TODO list is always too big). Sounds like I should up the priority of this task :-)

11:48 PM  

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