Sunday, May 14, 2006

Developer NOW!

Well, last week I went to Mülheim a.d. Ruhr and listened to DavidI and Jason Vokes and what they had to say about the "DevCo" aka Developer Tools Group (DTG). There wasn't much new, but a few things should be mentioned I guess.
  • There are a few companies interested, which at present take a closer look at the facts and numbers of the DTG
  • They are aiming to have the investor and the final name of the DTG by the end of this summer. The EKON (September 25th - 29th, Frankfurt, Germany) was mentioned.
  • In the current group of investors are neither soft- nor hardware companies
  • Currently 180 employees are selected for the DTG, they are aiming for about 250 to 300 employees once things get rolling
  • Highlander is aimed for the first quarter of 2007. Main goal is .NET 2.0 support and first things for Windows Vista.
  • New .NET language features will be ported to the Win32 compiler. They have mentioned Generics
  • There will be a few hotfixes coming up for the current BDS 2006, after the update 2 has been made available for all languages.

Note: this list is copied and translated from an entry by Daniel Wolf of the Delphi-PRAXiS ;-)


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