Friday, April 22, 2005

Switching between designer/editor/history view

In Delphi 2005 you can have multiple views for each editor object. For example: switching between the source code editor and the formular designer can be done using F12. But how can you switch into the history view and others without using the mouse? Well, that is actually very simple.

Using the key combinations [Alt]+[PageUp] and [Alt]+[PageDown] will switch forward or backward, respectively. I have not found that documented in the help but came across this information reading a news group entry.

Thanks :-)

Setting Delphis default Project Folder

Often users ask how to set the default project folder in Delphi 2005. Up to Delphi 7 you could set that folder using the Windows Short Working Folder. Delphi 2005 does not support this any longer. Now, you can go into the Windows Registry and set the Project Folder there, but most do miss the fact, that the option dialog allows you to do that too, though this setting is a little hidden.

In your BDS main menu go to Tools -> Options. In this Dialog go to Environment Options -> Environment Variables. Here you'll get a list of all BDS Variables. Locate the BDSPROJECTSDIR and set its value to a folder that suits your needs.

Options Dialog
The Borland Developer Studio 3.0 Options Dialog (Click to enlarge)

Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Getting C# code translated into Delphi.NET code

I have published an article on Delphi 3000 explaining shortly how to connect to Borlands BabelCode web service. This web service will automatically translate C# code into Delphi.NET code for you.

You can download the Delphi 2005 sample from here. I love this web service, sad that Borland has not connected from there dotNet page to it.

Monday, April 18, 2005

VCL Applications and their Default Icon

When starting a new VCL application in Delphi it will always have a rather ugly default icon.

Now, years after 24- and 32-bit Graphic adapters became default, years after Windows has multi-colored icons, Delphi will still apply an rather ugly 16-color default icon to your VCL applications.

I am not sure why Borland does that. Maybe they want to force us to create more beautiful icons for our applications - or whatever. Yet, it remains that many of the hobby developers do not do that for their smaller applications thus evangalizing Delphi as development tool that provides one with the most ugliest icons available.

Please go and vote on the QC-Entry 11924 from Serge Dosyukov for it to be considered by the Borland developers to finally create a nice default icon for us.

So yes, I start blogging - finally

For some time now, I have thought about joining the blogging community.

But what should I write? Well, the grand topic being "Borland Delphi" was logical, but yet another blog about this topic? Yes, I think it does not hurt. Many of you know that I love Delphi, many of you know my activities for and around Delphi, especially my participation as co-administrator of the
Delphi-PRAXiS and some of you know that I was mentioned by Steve Trefethen in his blog. This has been an exiting time ;-)

So, in this blog I will (more or less) regulary write down my experiences in and with Delphi. I hope you will like it. Write me a comment if there is something you want me to write about. I'll check that out.
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