Friday, April 22, 2005

Setting Delphis default Project Folder

Often users ask how to set the default project folder in Delphi 2005. Up to Delphi 7 you could set that folder using the Windows Short Working Folder. Delphi 2005 does not support this any longer. Now, you can go into the Windows Registry and set the Project Folder there, but most do miss the fact, that the option dialog allows you to do that too, though this setting is a little hidden.

In your BDS main menu go to Tools -> Options. In this Dialog go to Environment Options -> Environment Variables. Here you'll get a list of all BDS Variables. Locate the BDSPROJECTSDIR and set its value to a folder that suits your needs.

Options Dialog
The Borland Developer Studio 3.0 Options Dialog (Click to enlarge)


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