Monday, April 18, 2005

VCL Applications and their Default Icon

When starting a new VCL application in Delphi it will always have a rather ugly default icon.

Now, years after 24- and 32-bit Graphic adapters became default, years after Windows has multi-colored icons, Delphi will still apply an rather ugly 16-color default icon to your VCL applications.

I am not sure why Borland does that. Maybe they want to force us to create more beautiful icons for our applications - or whatever. Yet, it remains that many of the hobby developers do not do that for their smaller applications thus evangalizing Delphi as development tool that provides one with the most ugliest icons available.

Please go and vote on the QC-Entry 11924 from Serge Dosyukov for it to be considered by the Borland developers to finally create a nice default icon for us.


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