Monday, October 24, 2005

default.aspx Problem solved in DeXter

Well, thanks to the BDN-Radio session I am allowed to speak about bugs that will be fixed in the DeXter release once it comes into your hands. Some of you may remember my post Teaching at BMW running into bugs, and yes, this bug seems to be fixed.

It was a problem, especially in actually understanding what happened there. However, my kind regards stretch out to the engineers that fixed it. Thanks so much, it will make giving classes much easier.

Imagine saying: Well, in IIS the default settings are looking for an "default.aspx" file in a directory. So, you should name your index page "default.aspx" as well, however, make sure that at least one letter of "default" is uppercase, as otherwise you'll run into a bug...

No, that is not good, the fix is mucher better and much appreciated!


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