Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Jason Vokes does his product presentation

Well, back again online. Jason Vokes presentation was right after DavidI's jvokes and now I'll show you some of the things we saw there. First off, Jason has shown what he likes to show, slides with some of the awards Delphi has collected over the recent ten years.

DavidI at EKON 9

He has shown some slides featuring ECO, the Enterprice Core Objects, and he has said how great it is to use. Though he forgot to tell us how to actually use it, which imo is still very hard to get started with.

DavidI showing ECO success

Also, he has shown the same slides as DavidI did, the Delphi roadmap, hopping not to loose his job over showing that. I don't think he will. Well, once again he mentioned something about a native 64 Bit compiler for Delphi and C++Builder.

Delphi roadmap 2005-2008

Then, finally he has shown first bits of DeXter, though just inside his PowerPoint slide show. You see the new VCL bubbles in the designer, it's either a love-or-hate thing for me. Further he talked about new "live designer guide lines," which will come with DeXter. Further and finally a long dreaded wait has ended, we get our very own block completion. But see it in the picture of his slide.

DeXter features

With DeXter we will get a fully integrated Together, the UML designer from Borland.

Together in DeXter

Now, even better. Borland has replaced the old an outdated memory manager with the one provided by the opensource FastCode project. This will boost the performance of the IDE as well as in our applications - just by recompiling! Something to look forward to.

FastCode Memory Manager inside DeXter

ECO, the flagship of the Delphi Architect editions will come with its basics into all DeXter editions. So, even a "Professional" user can get started on ECO and try out the power within. Though, as previously mentioned, try to get started before getting excited about it ;-) For the larger editions, we will get "State Machines" for our models and other nice features.

DeXter, ECO and all

Next, a simply fully filles slide with some of the new and improved things in the VCL and the database side of the Borland Developer Studio.

New in DeXter

And finally a slide for the C++Builder users. They will get an up-to-date VCL, the same that Delphi users do get, not one version behind. They will get all the same tools: refactoring, project manager, really cool build option settings, and, and, and...

C++Builder in DeXter

Stay tuned for more...


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