Thursday, August 18, 2005

Taking a Borland Web Survey

Two days ago I got an e-mail Borland Developer Network News - August 2005 and DavidI asked all receipients to take a web survey. I didn't wait for long and started the survey. The first questions are the usual things you'd expect from Borland, in fact question 13 and 14 are that as well, but the provided choices for your answers are shoking!

Question 13: At your location, what is the database system your deployed applications access most often ? Well, for most Delphi developers the answer would be InterBase, but hey, that answer is not one of the given choices...

Question 14: Who is or was the vendor of your organization's primary deployment environment/platform ? Well, accordingly, most of us would expect to select Borland as the vendor. But again, that is not in the range of the choices given...

So, after having completed that survey I started my e-mail client and started writing an e-mail to the Interim-CEO Scott Arnold, asking what's up. I would not have expected to get an answer, in fact, I would not have expected him to read it, but as things turned out, he did read it and he answered. COOL!

Stay tuned as I will post the e-mail exchange between him, DavidI and myself within the next days.


Anonymous David Intersimone "David I" said...

The survey that was listed in the BDN August 2005 Newsletter was created by IDC. Borland is a participant in getting developers to take part in the newsletter.

9:13 PM  
Blogger Daniel "sakura" Wischnewski said...

But surely Borland should have some influence on the content of that survey? If not, you should consider using another publisher/creator for surveys.

12:46 PM  

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