Thursday, December 08, 2005

FastMM, DLLs, and strings

Funny, I just asked myself yesterday what I should do when creating a DLL which will share strings and/or dynamic arrays with the main application exe-file. Today, before I even had time to investigate that setting, look at the help, or even ask Pierre the same question came up in the Borland public non-tech news group.

The solution is simple (Pierre le Riche):
All you need to do is add SimpleShareMem.pas as the first unit in the .dpr
file of the exe as well as the dll (as you would have done with the old
sharemem.pas) and you can then safely share strings and dynamic arrays
between them. You don't need the borlndmm.dll if you use the SimpleShareMem

Good to know, thanks Pierre for answering before I have even asked you ;-)


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