Saturday, December 17, 2005

RAVE for the Programmer

Yesterday was great! Thomas Pfister, member of the Team Nevrona and one of the greatest experts on RAVE gave a lecture yesterday in Frankfurt. Planning, as I was told, took three years to get four people together (and two more, as it turned out in the end) for some technical meeting somewhere. Well, as mentioned above, it turned out to be in Frankfurt (as location) and on RAVE (as topic). While I have toyed with RAVE in the past and done some things with it, I was (okay, still am) far away from really understanding how RAVE worked. As I wrote before, once you start to understand what RAVE con give you, you will start to phathom the power off it.

Yesterday was "just another" of those experiences. I was, once again, baffeled by the power of it, and if you are going to believe Thomas, there is so much more you can do with RAVE... don't start dreaming, imagination wont last (in most cases anyway).

Now, as I am into web server programming often for intranet and extranet, I can hardly wait for RAVE for ASP.NET (best would be .NET 2.0 right now) to arrive. Giving the user the report he wants in all different formats (HTML, XML, PDF, ...) he could possibly need is just so easy. Cool!

Now, if I would be able to start working with RAVE... there you have a tool with a steep learning curve. So, if you need reporting, please try out RAVE, the time you invest to get started will repay with the first reports you are going to deploy and all those formats you can extract. And do not forget, there are many places where you get add-ons for RAVE to expand the power within it to yet another level.


Blogger iSkomorokh said...

I love RAVE!!! It would be better if they would provide more documentation and samples.

7:07 PM  
Anonymous Thomas Pfister said...

I know this problem and I hope I'll finish sometime my Rave-collection with a lot of examples, but things.take.time. and especially the speed in this area is for me sometimes too fast (vcl, some years ago the kylix-clx-"hype" and now .net (but this isn't a hype ). I have started in PageMaker my training-script in Rave4 and now we are on Rave7 (and I have finished only 140 pages (DIN-A4)). But in the meantime I understand Nevrona because it is very very hard to describe the features in words. I think I have made in the last 6 years round about 50-60 rave-trainings, roadshows with Delphi & Rave and talks on conferences about Rave and it is a big difference to show this and not only try to describe the power of Rave...

I think I'll finish in the next week my article "BDS2006 and Rave6/7" in the "next-steps"article series on the Nevrona-page.

@sakura: glad to hear that you're now a RAVE-fan. and remember: "Don't limit Rave by preconception"

:-) Thomas

10:06 AM  

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