Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Websites powered by Delphi

Well, today I want to present a website to you, that ultimately is powered by Borland Delphi. The version running on the system is based on version 7 of Borland Delphi. I am executing officer of a company which builds web-based content management systems, labeled Content ACE. The current version 4 release 3 fully supports Unicode and UTF-8. The system is build as a combination of DCOM objects, COM objects, ISAPI Filters, Windows NT service applications and a few more adminstrative applications.

The web site womensnet (targetting the European audience, especially German speaking folks) is a promotional web site of Henkel. womensnet has an active registered user base of about 150.000 users.

The system itself is running on ASP (not ASP.NET yet) and MS IIS 6.0 on a Microsoft Windows 2003 server with 1GB RAM, MS SQL Server and a P4 single CPU. It can handle up to 500 concurrent users easily and still has some room air left for more ;-)

Another web site, I already have mentioned in my blog is running on the same system. Currently though, I am preparing to move it to a new server, the old one (PIII, 256MB RAM) is a little sluggish and needs to get kicked.

For the coming quarter, I am planing to move our system to Borland Developer Studio 2006. First tests have shown a performance increase by 10 to 20 percent, so I am excited to see what will happen.


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