Saturday, February 04, 2006

Deploying your work with InstallAware 5

Usually we deploy our software by hand. Shocked? Well, we do very few installations only, it takes about half an hour and it has to be highly customized. So there was never a great reason to do it otherwise.

However, times go on and we are looking into the next step with our software. I will not say: I have seen them all; but I can say: I have tested many. I worked with the Wise Installer, I abandoned NSIS, I loved InstallShield, but I have turned them all down when InstallAware 3 hit the market. Next I knew, I still did not have a great demand for installers...

Well so InstallAware 2005 and 2005 SE made it onto my machine, but I never really had to use them, as we were down the development road and did more consulting last year. Was great to, but now, we are getting ready to move on with our software and we will start playing with ASP.NET 2.0 rather soon. So I did take a look at the latest versions of some of the installer tools, once again. Breathtakin'!

But InstallAware 5 Studio just knocked me over! I have it on my machine and almost forgot about Delphi. Okay, not that drastic, but yes, the IDE got much faster, large projects with thousands of Registry settings, DLLs, and so on, still are ligthning fast loaded and administered within the IDE. Sinan has taken InstallAware a long way and creating installers slowly comes back to a place where one could say it is fun ;-)

Take a look at it at

P.S.: I do not get anything for this post here, it is written just because InstallAware really became awesome and I want to dip your nose into it ;-)


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