Friday, March 17, 2006

Borland "DevCo" publishes an updated Road Map

You may recall my post from the EKON 9 where I showed you the road map Borland showed us for Delphi for the first time ever. Well, we all have heard by now, that Borland has been doing some updates and when you read the PDF from the DavidI has shown during the Japan Developer Conference, you will see the new road map on page 19.

Updated Road Map

Besides the updates names you see a few small changes in the time line. Highlander has moved back to the beginning of 2007, rather than the middle of this year. Delphi for Vista seems to have moved a little, too. Therefore Windows Vista is mentioned for Highlander as well and(!) much more interesting, ECO will be coming for the VCL.NET. That is something I call commitment to the VCL.

Take yourself some time and read the full PDF, there are more road maps and some interesting information in it ;-)


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