Sunday, February 19, 2006

Delphi is back home at last...

Well, I am back on the way home from the Delphi Days in Frankfurt. It was a quiet interesting event, especially the keynote with Jason Vokes, David "DavidI" Intersimone, and Michael Swindell.

They started of telling us a little about the Borland Developer Studio 2006 and the development cycle of it. Also, they assured us, that the development still continues, full steam ahead and that the IDE team is working on an Update 2 for the current version. But this was, where they stopped talking about the Borland Developer Studio and simply continued talking about the Developer Studio. They dropped the name of a company that is interested in ALM, and ALM only ;-)

So, you are waiting to read some exciting news they gave us? Well... no ;-) It was a great video session and we have heard many facts, but mostly you know them already. The named, for the sake of the keynote, the new company "DevCo" for "The Developer Company", which will focus on those IDE tools in the future.

"DevCo" will have new chances. While Borland will continue to sell its ALM tools mostly directly to big companies having key account managers working for their clients, "DevCo" will possibly follow other ways and hopefully focus on the small developer again. DavidI thinks it possible to push sales channels, like using the Internet for downloadable versions (which Germany already does).

"DevCo" will focus on us, the developer, again. The big company deals are left to Borland and the ALM tools. However, both ways, Borland will support "DevCo"-tools and "DevCo" will include Borlands ALM tools. This, for those of us, who use them already, will be a great chance to get the best of both those worlds.

All three of them emphasized that Borland (for now) and later "DevCo" will stick to the roadmap published last year. Yet, Michael Swindell said, that "DevCo" will have the chance, not only to stick to this roadmap, but to exceed our expectations in many ways.

Let's hope that we know really soon what will happen and hold your thumbs for great times ahead. :-)

Stay tuned for the list of questions and answers from the end of the session ;)


Anonymous Stephane Wierzbicki said...

Thank you for the feedback ! Any release date for the upcoming update 2 ?

Do you have any pictures / videos of these delphi days ?

6:58 PM  
Blogger Daniel "sakura" Wischnewski said...


no they did not give a release date, but said they are hard working to get moving on top Highlander ;-)

Pictures will come, I just need some time to get those prepared, first. A video hopefully too, but this does not depend on me ;-)

7:00 PM  

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