Sunday, February 05, 2006

Camera RAW Image Thumbnail Viewer - Beta 1

Yesterday, I saw an interesting tool at Microsofts homepage: Microsoft RAW Image Thumbnailer and Viewer for Windows XP. However, as this tool only supports very few camera types (Canon EOS 5D and Nikon D50, D70s and D200) and I own a Panasonic FZ-30, I took it upon myself to come up with a similar solution.

At this early stage there are not all EXIF data parsed, not all formats supported and errors may come at some times. Presently, some camera RAW formats of Olympus, Canon, Sony, and Panasonic are supported, as well as some JPG/TIFF Extensions.

Be warned though, processing RAW images takes a certain amount of time, so your CPU might spike up to 100% at some points ;-) However, the Windows Explorer plugin works in the background and should not deadlock your computer.

Download: RAW Thumbnail Viewer - Beta 1 (1,6 MB)

Do you have more formats you would like to see supported? Drop me a line. You have RAW samples, contact me as well and we see how to get it done ;-)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi, Like you I have an FZ30 so I was pleased to find this bit of software. However it seems not to function! After what seemed like a sucessful intallation & reboot(no error messages)the RAW thumbnails still appear as a Photoshop CS2 icon. I reopened your downloaded software & selected the Panasonic FZ30 and then had to reboot (there is no reboot later tick box by the way) still no joy. Can you help? I am running Windows XP home (Media edition).
Best regards

12:43 PM  
Anonymous christos christou said...

Dear Daniel Wischnewski
I am looking for a programmer to have a look at a desband program I had written by a friend of mine, and there is a simple problem with the backround color of the deskband, it i grey and installing it on windows XP it stays grey. Does not pick the XP blue of the taskbar. As i dont program in delphi can I send the code to someone who can have a look at it for me ?

10:11 PM  

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