Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Connecting your Work Areas

Today I called a friend of mine at Borland Germany. Last time I visited their offices he told me about a program he uses to connect his computers to one keyboard/mouse setup. Since then I forgot all about it, including the name.

As life goes, I talked with another friend of mine about just this, so as written above, I called Borland ;-) The program he mentioned is called Synergy.

It is open source and works on different platforms (Unix, Linux, Windows, ...). You install the program on each computer/work station you want to connect. One has to be the server. This computer will offer the keyboard and mouse for each of the computers you connect. After the initial setup you can use the same mouse and keyboard on each of the connected computers. This considerably cleans up your desktop. All you have to do is get enough room for all those screens ;-) Anyway, it's quite cool. It even shares the clipboard among all computers.

Go and give it a try ;-)


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